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Your Scorpio weekly horoscope and sun sign astrology forecast by The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut, astrologers for ELLE and Refinery

Harry, Meghan removed from Royal foundation charity website. Nupur Alankar reveals that she has had to sell her jewelry. Google halts face recognition tech before Pixel 4 launch. Horoscope Today October 8, Gemini horoscope, October 8. Cancer horoscope, October 9, Horoscope Today October 9, The Newshour - Agenda. Development Vs Environment: Are we not listening to the citizens? Mumbai Manifesto. For coupled archers, this is a time to withstand the stormy weather together and get to the other side looking radiant.

This moment of victory will pave the way for a relationship landmark.

Again, how you want to celebrate your big moment is entirely up to you. Oh, hello talk of the town! The most reclusive Saturnians will find themselves accepting social invites. You can have deeply nourishing conversations by sticking to your tribe. The more you focus on raising your own vibrations, the more alluring you become to other people. The conflicts surrounding you at this time are stopping you from seeing the love. There is chaos and deception, and possibly self sabotaging behavior. What is that you are running away from, Aquarius? Why are you so afraid?

In the game of love, winning often equals losing. Take this day to spend some time with yourself, trying to understand where all this destructive energy is coming from. This is the only way to stay Zen. Some of you may be experiencing disharmony in your relationships. Do you feel unsupported by the other? Aries Horoscope Today: October 8, Taurus Horoscope Today: October 8, Cosmic tip: Talk things out instead of imagining the worst. Gemini Horoscope Today: October 8, Cosmic tip: Settling for less than what you deserve could be a cause of unrest.

Cancer Horoscope Today: October 8, Cosmic tip: Free yourself from the pain. Leo Horoscope Today: October 8, Cosmic tip: You make your own happily ever after. A month during which the stars are favourably disposed towards your health affairs.

♒ Aquarius October 2019 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

This favourable stellar combination should see you in the pink of health most of the time. Those prone to piles or afflictions like colds, coughs and bronchitis, etc, should, however maintain the normal precautions.

Venus enters Scorpio

It is quite unlikely that any serious problems would arise during the course of this month, still normal caution should not be abandoned. Further, any chronic ailment, would not give you any trouble this month. Despite this, you would in these cases also do well to maintain normal caution. This apart, the month is very satisfactory in every way from your health point of view. This would be a excellent month for your finances, when with a lot of courage and confidence you should go on to scale new heights.

Good fortune would come your way through a highly favourable good turn done to you by a member of the female sex.

ALL ABOUT Aquarius

You would tend to forge ahead towards your planned objectives in a dynamic fashion and succeed in realizing these. Those engaged in industries catering to the needs of women, like cosmetics etc. In general, the climate would be highly congenial for investment and new ventures, this is the time you should plan big enterprises, because chances are you will succeed.

There is nothing very encouraging about your professional prospects this month, and in fact clear indications exist to forewarn about certain eventualities. There are signs that some of you would be inclined to operate outside the law for quick profits. Should you do this, the results would be disastrous. No other helpful influences exist, which could save you. Therefore, firmly resolve to refrain from such activity. Association with people of learning would not be fruitful in the usual sort of way.

All the more reason for care. There are chances that you could find yourself in a situation where your efforts just do not bear fruit. Even then you should patiently persevere rather than turning to criminal options. Progress on the educational front may not be very satisfactory, since the stars are not in an obliging mood. Those sitting for competitive exams must go in for extra coaching if they want to ensure success. Further, most of would tend to be self-assertive and somewhat headstrong, which attitude would be a big hurdle in the way of acquiring learning and skills.

This attitude should be curbed with a little mental discipline. Practitioners and students of the fine arts, like dancers, musicians, painters, sculpture and the like, would have to work quite hard for their objectives.

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The augury from the stars portends little profit from travel during this month which might be very necessary in any case under the circumstances. Most of you would travel primarily for business reasons and do so mostly by road or by rail. However, this might in all likelihood turn out to be a wasteful exercise with you no nearer to your objectives. Some of you may even make a trip abroad possibly by sea in the pursuit of your professional objectives.

This too would be a fruitless effort. Under the circumstances you should limit your travel plans to the minimum, postponing whatever is not absolutely essential. The family atmosphere may be considerably vitiated with strife and discord this month, since the augury from the stars is not very favourable. There is a distinct possibility of your family coming under debt to meet their expenses. But this is something that you can prevent by foresight and advance planning. Further, it is very likely that serious differences may crop up between you and your brothers.


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This again can be obviated by steering a course of action that goes round areas of tension and possible conflict. Children would also need greater attention, and may have to be disciplined now and then. Love from mother, sister and wife, would be the redeeming feature. A month during which the affairs of your children would have rough going since the stars are not too favourably placed.

Aquarius horoscope, October 4: A positive day in store for you - know today's astrology prediction

First and foremost, there is a distinct possibility of some sort of injury or physical trouble to some of you. Those inclined to adventure and sports would obviously have greater need for caution. The performance of most of them may be well below the mark in studies and in other extra curricular activities. Further, there is also the likelihood of some serious type of quarrels between brothers.

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This year Saturn shall remain in Sagittarius in 11th house. On 23rd March Rahu shall be entering into Gemini in 5th house.